Abdominal Wall Morphometric Variability...

Dec 17, 2019

Introduction: Ventral hernia surgery does not usually account for the individuality of the...


Éventrations Postopératoires

May 15, 2019

Le terme éventration est souvent imprécis en langue française puisqu’il est utilisé tantôt...


What is the Hernia Club?

The HERNIA CLUB gathers, within an Association law of 1901, about thirty surgeons among the greatest specialists of the hernia and parietal surgery.

The HERNIA CLUB aims to improve the quality of care in parietal surgery by evaluating professional practices through a registry, by organizing and publishing clinical research, and by organizing professional meetings to share experiences and teach the specialty.

The HERNIA CLUB can be brought to work in partnership with the Health Industry in order to evaluate implantable devices or other materials and possibly to help in the development of new materials, in the respect of the legal provisions.

The HERNIA CLUB is independent of any external influence or pressure, in particular that of the Health Industry, whatever their contribution to the functioning of the club.

The Association has an Internet site of free access with the aim of informing the visitors on the activities of the association, of diffusing didactic documents of popularization, aiming at making comprehensible by the greatest number the anatomical, pathological, and technical data of this surgery.

Access to the registry and discussion forum is restricted to club members and is protected by a login and password.

Pluridisciplinary Consultation Meeting

Starting in 2021, the Hernia Club will organize MultiDisciplinary Meetings (MDM) in order to discuss and improve the management of complex cases.

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Feb 16, 2020

Cette affiche fait écho au livre


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Oct 15, 2019

Pour une prise en main rapide de la nouvelle version de la plateforme ou en cas de soucis de connexion,...